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With over 30 years of u)li)es experience, we are uniquely posi)oned  to  
Advanced Metering  Infrastructure
Advanced Metering  
Reading Solu6ons.
We  can help with  
Business Case Development  
Cost of Ownership  
Consul)ng Services  
Project Management  
Leak Detec)on  
Aging AMR/AMI Solu)ons  
Smart Grid Solu)ons  for Water U)li)es  
The cost of deploying AMI includes the hardware and software costs
(meter modules, network infrastructure, and network management
software for the AMI system), as well as installation costs, meter data
management, project management, and information technology
integration costs. Our extensive full-cycle experience can help you
ensure your project is on time and on budget, every time.
Bill Baumann, President!
746 North Bryant Avenue, Barrington,  IL 60010.    847.910.3530  
Metrics AMI Consulting Group!
Metrics AMI  is a  small business based  in  the greater Chicago Area. Metrics AMI  can assemble  the necessary  
group  of  professional,  technical,  and  experienced  engineers,  project managers,  and  technicians  to  handle  
most  any  project. Metrics AMI  prides  itself  on  good  communica)on,  cost  effec)veness,  and  diversifica)on  
to provide quality engineering  services  in  the personable and honest manner our  clients deserve.    
Metrics AMI  staff  is  adept  in  their  respec)ve  special)es, maintaining  the necessary  skills  and  knowledge  to  
manage  and/or  supported  a  diverse  range  of  technically  challenging  AMI/AMR  projects  for  clients  in  both  
the public and private  sector